Reach new customers
with Mercado BOOST.

Use Mercado BOOST, our fully managed digital advertising service to capture potential customer's attention as they browse the internet. We’ll expose you to national advertising networks which include thousands of sites, apps, and major search engines.

Our experts will build awareness in your brand and drive clicks to your store.

The BOOST process

The BOOST Process

  • Build Awareness

    It is always important to reach potential and relevant customers not currently looking to buy and let them know about your brand.

  • Drive Traffic

    Reaching customers who are looking to buy is a guaranteed way to drive targeted traffic to your store.

  • Create Sales

    Remarketing to store visitors will support conversions and generate more sales.

Why choose Mercado BOOST?

If you’re part of a community then you're already starting to establish yourself by associating your store with one of our partner’s brands. The next step is to BOOST this association by driving high quality sales leads to your store where consumers have the confidence to securely transact knowing that the channel’s brand will offer them complete peace of mind.

You may even have Mercado ONE single store and wish to drive traffic but did you know that by running a successful advertising campaign you will even see an increase in organic search engine results?

Mercado BOOST is critical to any online retail business that wishes to generate sales leads!

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